2221267_scaled_184x277At the Law Office of Robert J. Berks in Brockton, Massachusetts, we offer legal representation for personal injury cases. We help you get the compensation you deserve for other’s negligence.

A Successful Case

Attorney Berks represented a woman in 2009 and received the highest jury verdict in Brockton district court history at the time—$500,000. The case began in the fall of 2004 when Marie Duvivier, a Brockton woman nearing 60, made an appointment at Kay’s Hair Salon in Dorchester for a sewn-in weave process that would address her problem with thinning hair.
After arriving, Ms. Duvivier was told that the stylist she was scheduled to see was unavailable to do the weave and that another stylist would do a quick weave. The quick weave process makes use of glue to enhance the hair, but requires that precautions be taken to prevent the glue from seeping into the scalp.
The plaintiff argued that no such safeguards were taken. A few days after the hair treatment, Ms. Duvivier began experiencing pain in her head and on her scalp and went to a medical professional. To remove the glue, Ms. Duvivier’s hair had to be shaved off and, according to testimony, never grew back in several places where the glue had seeped into the scalp.70056650_scaled_298x224
On appeal, lawyers for Kay’s Hair Salon argued that the verdict should be thrown out, but the appeals court disagreed. Even though the court found the $500,000 verdict somewhat startling, the verdict was affirmed.

Personal Injury Representation

The case above is just a sample of the success that Attorney Berks has had in representing injured clients for nearly four decades. With regards to personal injury, we do not charge you until we win your case.